By Mac Jaehnert (@macjaeh)

Video is fast becoming the default medium for communication in the social space. While YouTube has long been the dominant force in social video, Facebook's native video player is nipping at its heels. Some reports say Facebook is set to eclipse YouTube in terms of overall video consumption, and eventually ad revenue. Facebook users watched over 4 billion videos this year compared to just 1 billion the year before.

How can brands without a massive video production budget take advantage of the opportunities presented by the rise of social video? Here are 3 tips to get started creating quality video content today:


Now that Facebook videos begin auto-playing immediately for users in their timelines, you can use it as an opportunity to catch users' attention, even with the sound off. recently embraced this strategy for their recent campaign.

Videos that work without sound also give marketers an opportunity to sneak around Facebook's tricky 20% rule for promoted content.


You can shoot incredible looking videos on a smartphone with the right setting and subject. To demonstrate the creaminess of cashew milk, I shot a slow motion pour with nothing more than a table, a light, and a some clean glassware with my iPhone.


Videos are great for driving awareness, but can leave marketers wanting when it comes to taking another action. Facebook now allows publishers to add custom calls-to-action at the end of videos. At the end of this video for Cactus's incredible ManTherapy campaign, you'll see a call to action within the video encouraging you to click through to the website, as shown in the screenshot below.

As social video continues to gain mainstream momentum, how are you preparing your business to take advantage of the opportunities it presents?