By Mac Jaehnert

If you follow me on social media, you know I spend a lot of time digging up and sharing crazy travel deals. With a flexible schedule, a modest budget, and a love of spontaneous travel, there's plenty of affordable adventure to be had. Instead of randomly tweeting out deals as I find them, I'm going to try sharing at least one solid travel deal per week on this here web site.

On slower weeks, I might share other content, travel tips, reviews of ice in airport lounges, and other relevant updates. These deals will probably have a distinctly Denver/Midwestern bias, as that's where I'm usually traveling from, but hopefully anyone might find it useful.

Last week I returned from a birthday trip to Hong Kong, an incredible journey that only cost me $360 round trip from Denver on Air Canada. While minimum fares to HK have bumped back up into the $600s, I'd go back there in a heartbeat. Air Canada was... fine - the seats were on the small end, the food (with the exception of the chocolate brownie) was miserable even for airline cuisine, and the person next to me spent a good portion of the 13 hour flight picking at her bare feet, which I think should qualify you for a lifetime expulsion from commercial air travel.

On the plus side, there was an empty seat in my row (which for 13 hours may as well have meant a business class upgrade), and our crazy return routing (HK>Vancouver>Toronto>Denver) gave us a solid evening of eating poutine and Tim Horton's maple dip donuts on the streets of downtown Vancouver during an 8hr layover.

Some Mean Poutine

Some Mean Poutine


If you're looking for the cheapest way to get to Europe this fall/winter, Icelandair's Denver to Brussels round trip flights start as low as $300. If you book directly through the airline, you can also schedule one of Icelandair's intriguing stopover opportunities. By booking this way, you may pay a slight premium over an OTA like Travelocity but for an extra few days in Iceland, it's definitely worth it. 


If you're looking for better food, better seats, better wifi, and Iceland isn't on your bucket list, consider paying a slight premium to fly with Lufthansa instead. Fares for the same general timeframe still start under $400, but you'll be flying in considerably more comfort. And while there's plenty to do in Brussels, it's also a great gateway to the rest of Europe, with Paris or Amsterdam just a 2 hour train ride away.

Screenshot 2017-09-18 12.05.11.png

To find these fares for yourself and explore the rest of the calendar, check out this Google Flights search.